No-spam policy

Message Business offers its clients a number of services on demand which facilitate communication actions and the organisation’s client relationships, helping them achieve success in this area. Message Business does not market any mailing lists; it is the sole responsibility of the client to collate and manage their mailing lists.

As a professional router and an active member of the National Syndicate and Direct Communication, Message Business has a vested interest in protecting the private life of individuals, ensuring the rights of all recipients are respected, limiting inappropriate messages and fighting against spam.

By contract, every one of Message Business’ clients agrees to uphold the law of June 21st, 2004, regarding confidence in the digital economy, and to adhere to the rules laid out by CNIL regarding electronic mail. . We would equally draw the attention of our clients to the ethical communication code proposed by the SNCD and/or to adhere to the principals of the CAN-SPAM law when sending messages to recipients based in the United States of America.

Our practice :

  • The collection of contact details and the correct management of recipients’ consent prior to communication operations is the sole responsibility of the client of Message Business,
  • The client of Message Business agrees not to deceive recipients as to its identity, quality and/or the content of its message,
  • In every act of communication, recipients are permitted to unsubscribe directly using a web link reserved for this purpose
  • The client of Message Business agree to process as swiftly as possible any information request concerning the collection of recipients’ details, change of information regarding recipients and/or unsubscription received on the part of recipients.

As indicated in Message Business’ general conditions of sale and use, in the case of illegal behaviour, behaviour which goes against current practices or following a number of significant complaints, Message Business reserves the right to deactivate a client’s account without warning or the right to reimbursement.

Message transmitters and client services using Message Business:

Whether for obvious reasons of engagement of civil liability or for reasons of effectiveness of the communication campaign: to solicit contacts who have not given their agreement to be contacted through email or SMS, or to send an inappropriate message, can be nothing other than detrimental to your activity and/or image of your company or brand.

In the case that a company is using mailing lists rented or bought from or lent by a third party, it is obligatory that the contacts of the mailing list in question have given prior consent to receiving messages from the partners of the owner of the database (Optin Partners). If you wish to sell your client database, ensure that the email addresses passed on are those of clients who have previously agreed to receive messages, not just from the part of your company, but also from partner organisations. In any case, provision must be made for recipients to unsubscribe from messages and from the original mailing list. If asked, you must be able at any given moment to provide proof of original consent from a recipient who has been contacted. You must process any unsubscription requests within 10 days.

It is in your interest to ensure the respect of law and ethical practices regarding e-marketing, so as to use the full potential of electronic marketing to develop your activity.

As a subcontractor, we are available to help if you wish to know more regarding regulations and current good practice regarding operations of electronic marketing. It is certainly better to look into these things before, rather than after, carrying out operations.

Recipients of messages sent through Message Business:

You have received one or several messages from one of the clients using the Message Business application. In this case, you are informed that the client can access a statistical follow-up which allows them to increase visits to web pages or participation in online forms by the recipients of previous messages or operations carried out via the Message Business application. At any point, you can decide whether or not to continue receiving messages from this client. To unsubscribe from subsequent messages, you can use the unsubscription link dedicated to this purpose and available in any message you have received. These links are not affected by the quality of your computer. You unsubscription request will be processed within a time frame of 10 days after receipt. At the same time, you will be granted access and editing rights to information relating to you, which you can use by contacting the client of the Message Business application directly from the message that you have received.

If you wish to report inappropriate behaviour on the part of a client of Message Business, whether this concerns the handling of data or the content of messages, we would be grateful if you could do this using the following form.

If you no longer wish to be contacted by our clients, simply subscribe to Message Business’ Orange List, submitting your demand through this form. At any point, you can ask to be removed from Message Business’ Orange List, so as to resume receiving messages from our clients.